Project Morpheus coming in 2016

The virtual reality craze has all but calmed down, in fact HTC recently announced their own take on the VR headset. This technology was made popular by the Oculus Rift which is now owned by Facebook, but we have seen both Sony and more recently Microsoft reveal their own products for the gaming and entertainment world.

Back in 2014, Sony had announced the project morpheus peripheral, aimed at bringing the VR world to the Playstation platform. We were all thinking that the product will be reaching our homes by this year’s holiday season, but unfortunately SCE president Shu Yoshida announced that the device will hit the shelves early in 2016.

During his briefing at this year’s GDC conferences, Yoshida also confirmed that the consumer version will be very similar to the prototype which has been exposed during gaming events. He revealed that the 5.7″ display will have a refresh rate on 120hz, and that it will be a low latency OLED display with spectacular resolution and color depth. Nine LEDs will ensure a smooth 360 degree tracking, allowing for a more immersive experience, smoother and more responsive than current tech.

More information will be revealed during this year’s E3 conferences, so till then we simply have to dream about the day it will reach our living rooms.