Pressure sensitive controller

As time goes by, every console developer works hard at improving their controllers, and with wireless, motion controlled, and NFC controllers out of the way, the next big thing seems to be related to biometric technology. Earlier this year, Sony Computer Entertainment filed a patent for a controller with an in-built biometric sensor able to read the user's heart rate and perspiration, which could be used as peripheral features in games, especially horror titles. Today Microsoft jumped into the next generation controllers by patenting a pressure sensitive controller. This controller has a built in memory which stores values read by the pressure sensitive exterior, which can then be linked to a specific user. Each user has a unique identity when it comes to how he/she holds the controller, and with this new technology the console will be able to recognize who is holding controller. Once the console recognizes the user, it will be able to log in to the respective account and set up the preferences. Microsoft failed to pecify if this device will be used in combination with gaming titles, so we just have to wait and see.