Playstation 4 Update adds DS4 features

Sony Computer Entertainment have officially revealed an upcoming Playstation 4 update aimed at adding new features to the Dualshock 4 peripheral. The development of this update comes following the feedback from the consumers, and will be bringing along the most requested features to the platform.
The new features include;

  • A new video editor which will allow users to personalize their footage before sharing it with their friends
  • The much requested ‘Export to USB’ feature, which allows users to finally export all screenshots and game-play footage directly to USB storage.
  • An HDCP off button which will be allowing user to capture videos directly from HDMI
  • and last but certainly not least, the option to dim the senson bar’s light.

Apart from these Dualshock 4 features, the update will also bring along;

  • The ability to archive Twitch and Ustream videos
  • and Higher Resolution broadcasts (up to 720p)

The update will be rolling out some time in the coming weeks.