Pid Announced

Recently founded Indie developers Might and Delight have just announced their debut platform title Pid. This failry small development team has a large list of experience working on block busting titles such as Battlefield, Killzone, Mirror's Edge, and Bionic Commando. Pid is not your conventional 2.5D platformer, as the chartacter boasts the power to manipulate and move around the environment, interact with objects and devices, move enemies, deflect oncoming bullets, and more. The environments vary from House attics, to space stations, and even castles, battling aliens and robot alike.

Pid is set for a digital release on PC mid 2012, with both a single player and a 2 player co-op mode for an unspecified price. Might and Delight also said that Pid will be released for consoles, but they failed to announced which ones and when.

For more information and screenshots visit their website by clicking here.