PhyreEngine 3.5 Out Today

During last month's Playstation 4 Media Event, Sony made it clear that they want to be as developer centric as possible, creating a platform which is easy to develop for, which give the developers all the creative liberty they need. During the GDC panel, Sony revealed the updated version of the PhyreEngine, which now supports the Playstation 4 platform and supposedly the next Xbox. The PhyreEngine which was originally a free to use development tool to create cross platform titles, in a bid to help developers create games for the cell powered PS3 and simplify porting from Xbox 360 to PS3. Titles which made use of the PhyreEngine included; Grid, Dark Souls, Flower, Journey, and many more. This new updated version of the PhyreEngine seems strange, since the Playstation 4's architecture is PC-like and isn't as complex as the PS3, but it's an undoubtedly a very cool move by Sony which Developers appreciate. PhyreEngine 3.5 is out as of now and is free.