Philips 8007K: The Review

It’s not a common review to find on our website, but the AV world has been growing at a phenomenal rate, and gamers and AV enthusiast alike seem to be amalgamating as time goes by, so with that in mind we thought it would be a good idea to mention some of the best companions to this generation consoles. Unfortunately not all companies want us to review their devices due to our blunt honesty, so our archive will be quiet small in size.

After this year’s IFA Conferences, the AV world was flooded with brand new Technology and innovation, which in turn bring a dawn of new generation TVs which make any avid AV enthusiast drool. One of the leading TV bands in Europe who have always kept gamers in mind, have blown out the new product range for 2012-2013, and each and every single product they showcased has pretty much impressed me. Today I’m taking this opportunity to outline the awesomeness of the brand new 8000 series range, which I must say, has left me flabbergasted.

Philips’ technology is getting exponentially better and it comes to no surprise that they recently took home the prize of best TV 2012-2013 from EISA (European Imaging & Sound Assosciation).The exact product we previewed was the 46 inch 8007K model which sports the Perfect Pixel HD Engine, flicker free motion at 800Hz, and Active 3D Max Technology. All these three features combined provide to what I can only describe as the most realistic and amazing 3D picture I have ever experienced. The active glasses provide an immersive and comfortable experience with an extremely steady effect with flawless motion and no hazing. Your eyes adjust pretty quickly to the 3D effect and the glasses are comfortable enough to play for hours without needing corrective eye surgery. The engine also converts two player split screen into full screen for each player whilst wearing the 3D glasses., which is a cool feature to have even though split screen is dying). The 800Hz refresh rate allows the user to enjoy high speed action sequences or sports flawlessly without motion blur, delivering stunning pictures especially for racing and football game enthusiasts. The set also comes with the ambilight XL which combined to the extremely thin bezel provides a wider sense of scale. As a person who thought this was just an extra gimmick to charge extra, I can’t help but admit that I fell in love with the feature, and when playing a colourful game (such as a platformer) it provides a better sense of imersiveness and aids in the overall visual experience.

The standard sound of the TV is above average, but still it doesn’t really do the TV justice, so I would really recommend to at least purchasing a standard 2.1 system which will improve your experience. On 2D mode the picture is spectacular and the colours are vivid and deep. The design is minimalistic with its thin bezel finished in brushed aluminium and sleek TV stand which matches any modern home setup. With regards to the smart features, this TV is a trend setter, by sporting the latest smart features available on the market, including the new Smart Screen technology. The Smart Screen Technology allows the streaming of whatever is going on the TV set onto your iPad, which brings the toilet visit experience to a whole new level. The remote control sport both an azerty and a qwerty keyboard to allows easier data input, and the remote can also be used as a point and click wand eliminating the need to buy an extra mouse and keyboard set. The set comes also with a Skype Cam which allows the user to make use of Skype through the TV to make video calls.

All in all I think I have been through the most important features that might interest the majority of the market. This TV performs spectacularly well in both 2D a 3D modes, and with all the smart features which it sports it makes it a very unique and competitive contender in the TV world. I personally believe that this set is far better than some of the top of the range models from its competition, and with the help of the Perfect Pixel Engine it provides a stunning visual performance. If you are looking for the ultimate 3D gaming experience, look no more because you really have no other choice.

  • Picture: 9.5/10
  • 3D Quality: 10/10
  • Sound: 7/10
  • Features: 10/10
  • Price: 8/10
  • Overall: 9/10