Only on PSN program

Ever since the PSN attacks earlier this year, Sony have been working hard in making their network solution stand out over its competitors. This year Sony invested an extra $20 million investment to the Pub Fund, which was introduced a couple of years back, which will allow the user to benefit on more exclusive new IPs. But that’s not it, SCEA have now introduced the 'Only on PSN' program which is set to give more value and benefits to the PSN customer, and add more titles to the long list of exclusives the PSN already has. Starting this October the 4th, every Tuesday of the month, users will benefit from the release of exclusive content, including titles from the Pub Fund such as; Infamous:Festival of Blood, Pixeljunk: Sidescroller, Okabu and Euforia. Hardcore gamers will also benefit for rare exclusive classic title from the PS2 era such as God Hand, GrimGrimoire, Maximo: Ghosts to Glory, Odin Sphere and Ring of Red. It doesn't stop there, PSN Plus subscribers will receive a 20% discount on launch of each “Only On PSN” title, and on top of that, every purchase of $60 or more throughout will result in the issue of a $10 voucher towards purchases from the PSN in November.