Onlive goes Android

Game streaming service Onlive have just expanded their marked by making their services available for Android Smartphones and Tablets. That's right, users can now enjoy triple A titles in pristine quality visuals on their Android portable devices. Onlive shall be shipping out a cool new controller later this week, which will allow the playability of every single game in the OnLive Archive on Android devices. Currently the only titles that are playable on Android Devices using touch input controls are;

  • Darksiders,
  • Colin Mcrae Rally Dirt 3,
  • Bastion, and
  • Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War II Chaos Rising.

Onlive have also releases a limited time only promotion for new subscribers to test the service, which will be in the form of a free copy of LEGO Batman. The Onlive App. requires Android Gingerbread Devices, and has been tested out on most of the HTC, Motorolla, Asus, and Samsung devices.