Nvidia Shield Coming this June

Remember Nvidia's clam shell Android Powered handheld which was revealed earlier this year? Well it will be hitting the market this June with a $349 price tag.

Yes that's right, The Nvidia Shield will cost you a $100 more than a Playstation Vita, but it will be able to stream proper PC games, and run regular Android titles. Streaming PC games follows the same concept of the Onlive and Gaiki, but through local WiFi, and the source PC must have as a minimum; an Intel Core i3 3.1GHz CPU, 4Gb of RAM, and a GeForce 650 GTX.

The specifications of the Shield are as follows;

  • 5″ 720p Multi Touch Flip up screen
  • Nvidia Tegra 4 CPU/GPU Combo
  • 2GB RAM
  • Micro SD Slot
  • Android Jelly Bean
  • Xbox 360 style controller

If you are happy to fork out the hefty price tag, pre orders will be open as of Monday the 20th of May, simply follow this link.