Nvidia Project Shield Revealed

Graphics card manufacturer Nvidia have revealed their first Android powered handheld system. Project Shield resembles the Xbox 360 controller with the Playstation button configuration, mounted with a flip up screen. The screen is a 5 inch 294dpi multi touch screen with a 720p resolution. The handheld sports two analog sticks, a d-pad, four face buttons, triggers, and bumper buttons. Project Shield is powered by Nvidia's brand new Tegra 4 processor, runs Android Jelly Bean, and just like most of the Android powered tablets out there, has a Micro SD slot and HDMI output.

Apart from playing the latest top spec Google Play and Tegrazone games, the handheld can wirelessly connect to a GeForce GTX powered PC and run PC titles with minimal latency. This means that user can wirelessly play their Steam purchases from the comfort of their couch (or toilet) with very low lag. You can compare it to a local network Onlive or Gaikai system. Nvidia are yet to announce an approximate release date, but to keep updated with the latest news related to this system, click here.