Nintendo’s next move

Simplicity has always been the key to Nintendo's success and when you take a look at their systems you might see a pattern, non of them have crisp clear HD graphics, non of them have chunky Hard Drives, and non of them have spot-on controlls, they are just simplistic systems that are innovative, apply to a wide variety of markets, and are backed up by heavy marketing.Recently, rumors and alleged information have been circulating around the internet about 'Project Cafe' which is Nintendo's next home console. Major games developers have reported receiving a beta phase home console from Nintendo to start working on titles and see what they can actually do with the system. French website 01net (which have been notorious for releasing NGP's specs way before it was officially announces), have also uploaded a complete and detailed specification sheet of 'Project Cafe', but what does this mean? Is this the Wii2 or is this just a spin off so that Nintendo can capitalize on yet another niche market? The alleged specs include

  • At least 512Mb of Ram
  • A custom IBM multicore CPU
  • An ATI Radeon GPU with a version 4.1 shader unit capable of handling HD graphics
  • Internal Hard Drive
  • Backward Compatibility with gamecube and Wii titles (which confirm an improved motion sensing unit)
  • The controller will include a front facing camera, a High resolution touch screen, dual triggers, a D-pad, and much more.

The system will be announced this June at the E3 conference, and we might just see a 2012 hiliday release,(this is just speculation at this point). Whatever Nintendo's next move is, it has to be a very carefull one, cause what ever it is it might just make or break their winning streak, and following the footsteps of their best selling entertainment systems might just lead into complete disasters, like what happened with the 3Ds.