Nintendo Report Loss

Nintendo have just published their results for the fiscal year ending 31st March 2012, and although they are slightly better than predicted, they still have recorded the highest operating loss in their history. Earlier this year Nintendo forecasted that they are looking at approximately 45 Billion Yen in losses, yet the proper results show an operating loss of around 37 Billion Yen ($460). Last year's sales figures for their home consoles and their newly introduced handheld slumped, and unfortunately their stock lost value as time went by. Nintendo hope they will turn the tables once they fully showcase their upcoming home console, the WiiU, this June at the E3 conferences, even though ever since it's official announcement last year, little or no hype was generated. Although being launched on market this holiday season very few triple A developers included the platform for their core titles, which might spell trouble for the future of the WiiU.