NFS: The Run demo goes live

EA's upcoming installment for their widely successful Need for Speed series will be hitting the shelves shortly. As described earlier this year the theme and genre of the game has taken a new turn, and it actually seems intriguing. This time your main goal is to be the first to drive across the country from San Francisco to NYC, rather than terrorizing innocent people in a city habited by slow moving cars whilst driving a christmas tree on wheels. Nothing else was revealed about the game which made us forget about this title all together, but earlier EA released some cool new videos, screens, and some new information regarding gameplay along with the official launch of the demo. The team developed a brand new multiplayer mode, called the Challenge Series Mode, whereby the user will compete in more than 70 individual racing challenges. The new Autolog ranking system will record your performance during these challenges and compare them in real time with friends' lap times constantly. As a 'gift' to their loyal fans, the developers included courses within the cross country based on previous instalments of the series (mainly Carbon, Underground, and Most Wanted). The demo is available for download as of now.