My new blog

So here it is. After a long period of procrastination and chronic masturbation, I have finally decided to launch my own space on the site.

The reason? Simple, so I can praise or rant about all the different crap I encounter, as a Car enthusiast, new generation parent, a home cook, a gamer, and as a grumpy old asshole.

So let me give you a round up of who I am and what I’m all about. I started my work in entertainment by creating Malta’s first and longest running gaming podcast. We basically broadcast on iTunes and talked about games, midget porn, movies, and Brazilian fart porn for about six years.

I then moved to gadget reviewing for a local program which made me hate the local TV industry due to the sheer and morbid focus on squeezing out as much money as possible. The lack of integrity and mind numbing depression got me to open my own media house and creating a webseries with a dickhead. Our aim was to entertain people and showing them how two guys and a camera can make a far better product than all those guys on TVM, One, and Net joined together. The result to me is something to be proud of. We managed to express our passion for cars through beautiful imagery and even though there are some limitations in this tiny country, we are managing to entertain people with our scripting, focusing on the history of the cars we feature.

Today I am happily married (I use that term very loosely) and the proud father (I use this even more loosely) of two hyperactive kids that drive me fucking insane, but I still love them to death. My priorities have shifted and I basically exist simply to give them a better future. I do love cars, but god fucking damn it I cannot afford a decent one mainly due to the ridiculous licence and registration prices courtesy of your friendly neighborhood Transport Malta. Unless you are a fucking drug dealer or a knob end with access to daddy’s trust fund, you basically can’t enjoy a decent car.

This space will not be sponsored or have any kind of political agenda. What ever goes through my fucking mind gets posted here. If you are easily offended or have a complaint, kindly write it down on a piece of paper, roll it up, and shove it far up your ass.

I certainly hope that you will enjoy what’s to come in this nice little space of ‘I say what ever the fuck I want’ and would also like you guys to follow my Instagram @theoverdriver.