More Xbox One Changes

Ever since the official unveiling in May, The Xbox One has gone through some changes which were all for the better. The first change was the removal of the strict DRM which came following the massive community uproar. The second change allowed Indie developers to self publish their titles. Today it was revealed during The Major Nelson podcast, that the Graphical performance of the Xbox One will be getting an upgrad ahead of its November launch. Microsoft will be upgrading the GPU clock speed from 800Mhz to 853Mhz.

Although both the Xbox One and the Playstation 4 will be using an AMD Jaguar processor, both consoles' architectures vary, and so does the GPU power. The improvement of the clock speed has improved the performance of the Xbox One GPU by around 6.5%, but some people still argue that even after these alterations, the PS4 is still superior in its Raw graphical power and greater memory bandwidth.