ME3 & Reckoning Bonuses

EA have just announced that as an added bonus for their loyal consumers, anyone downloading and completing the demos for their upcoming giants, Kingdoms of Amalur: The Reckoning and Mass Effect 3 will unlock cool exclusive bonus items for the full version of the other title.

Upon completion of the KoA: Reckoning demo, you will get a free Reckoning Knight Armor for C.Shepard and the Charkam Launcher assault rifle in ME3. The visual characteristics of these items are nothing short of fantastic, thanks to the radicall designs Spawn creator Todd McFarlane who is also the Creative Art Director for the Reckoning.

On the other hand if you complete the Mass Effect 3 demo, the character in KoA: Reckoning will be equipped with the armor that is inspired by Shepard's N7 gear and also have Onmiblade Daggers resembling Shepard holographic knife.

Electronic Arts confirmed that the Reckoning demo (which is available for the Xbox 360) will launch on PC and PlayStation 3 this January the 17, but they failed to confirm the launch date for the ME3 demo.

Since Reckoning players will unlock bonus items through the Mass Effect 3 demo in time for the February 7 launch, then the ME3 demo will be surely available beforhand.