Malta Customs’ educational video game translated into five languages

Last year, in the midst of the celebrations marking the 50th anniversary of the EU Customs Union, the Malta Customs Department took two innovative initiatives: the publication of an academic book (The EU Customs Union @ 50: Concept to continuum) and the launching of an educational video game (Nothing to Declare).

The main purpose of the video game is that of educating youngsters, and adults alike, about the basic functions of a Customs official at the border and the citizens’ responsibilities. It also tests the users’ cognitive skills and teaches ethical principles of today’s society.

Malta’s Ministry for Education has backed this project and launched the video game on the students’ tablets at schools. The Education Department is making use also of the video game as a tool to teach students about Customs in Social and European studies.

Today, Malta’s Customs Department is proud to announce that, to date, the EU Commission is translating the game into five different languages: Dutch; French; German; Italian; and Spanish and it is expected that the EU Commission will be launching the version of Nothing to Declare in these languages by end of Q1 of this year on the Apple App Store, Google Play, and Amazon store.

By way of this initiative, the game will target audiences not accustomed to the English language, making it more accessible to a broader audience. There is no doubt that the educational benefits of this interactive game will allow for a better understanding of what Customs means for today’s society and the importance of the Customs Union.

The game was produced by Malta Customs Communications’ Office and developed by a Maltese developer.