We live in a disposable world

So I’m back behind the keyboard with yet another rant. Here we go…

Last week I inevitably ended up in a never ending binge of music videos on Youtube from yesteryear, starting from some classic Zeppelin and ending up with some work of the late John Campbell and Albert King. Obviously this was fueled some nice smooth scotch, which only makes my overthinking more vibrant.

The thing is, that whilst listening to Mr Campbell fingering his guitar in an epic solo, a sudden realization hit me like a tonne of bricks; We live in a fucking disposable world. All the love, passion, effort and talent put into anything we make has been eradicated completely. Think about it.

Lets start with the basics, not so long ago we used to have TVs that lasted twenty years (case in point the infamous Grundig ‘tal-injam‘ and the Seleco ‘tal-bieba mqacta‘). Nowadays our TVs (among all other electronics and appliances) never last more that the odd 3 years. The scary thing? We are completely fine with it. We sort of want to upgrade our shit every now and then, and we need an excuse to do so in order not to feel guilty that we overspent on some frivolous shit.

Cars fall under the same wing, with a more perplexing aspect to it. Cars now a days are utter shite. They are great to drive, and comfortable for the everyday. BUT, the feeling is completely missing. Back in the day I used to have a relationship with my car. I fucking adored it, and I still kept my first car just because it gave me some fucking good memories. Now, you are completely detached from this machine and there is no appreciation for it, because we know that inevitably once they hit the 100,000 miles point, they will need to be replaced. Because fuck it, why try to fix a car when we can upgrade.

I am not putting all the fault on the consumer, because fuck even the road taxes sky rocket unless you replace your car every couple of years. Even the scrappage schemes, they are doing more harm rather than good. Cars which are fine and still in perfect running order are being scrapped and replaced with newer cars. So much refuse build up and lack of control. Don’t believe me? have a look at the below slide show.

The life we are living is turning us into cynical assholes who treat every single thing as being a disposable commodity, even though everyone is on the same sinking ship. Lets delve deeper, let’s take a look at music. Going 40, 50 or 60 years back, music was made to last. You can take any Led Zeppelin, Floyd, Cream, or Jimi Hendrix track, and you can still enjoy it as if it is the first time you listen to it. It was music made through passion, love and pure talent.

Now grab any song we have nowadays and you’ll see that they are purely seasonal. They go off the radar as quickly as they come. I can’t even remember the most popular song from last year.

The root of all this crap is money, and if you take a good hard look around you, you can clearly see that we built a disposable world which we are slowly destroying. If you think hardly enough you will also come to the sudden realization that humanity in itself has become disposable too.