Kinect not mandatory on Xbone

Since the reveal of the Playstation 4 last February, both Sony and Microsoft have been battling it out to create the best next gen platform. Following the Xbox reveal and E3 conferences, Sony have had the upper hand, and the Xbox One become the butt of every joke online.

But it looks like Microsoft have finally come to terms with the issues brought forward by the gaming community, and are making the necessary arrangements to the console to be more appealing to the market just before launching in a couple of months time. The latest change announced by the company, is that the Xbox One console will not require the Kinect peripheral to operate, unlike the first announcement back in May. Just like the Xbox 360, the Kinect will only be a separate peripheral which can be used with certain games and apps to improve the experience and allow the users to make use of unique features, such as motion tracking, voice control, and motion control. The change has come after Microsoft pulled back the DRM, allowed self publishing, and juiced up the clock speed of the GPU.

The only last concern that users have left is the price tag of the console, which is a $100 more that the Sony counterpart. But with this announcement a new opportunity to tackle this problem arises, with a new console package which does not include the headset and Kinect, and can be potentially priced closer to the Playstation 4.