Journey: The Review

As some of you might have noticed the format of this review is different from the rest, reason being that Journey has proven to be a game like no other, and I deemed it to be necessary to treat this game in a unique way. You might think that, like always I’m being a sarcastic S.O.B. and soon enough I will start nit picking all the defects or compare the experience to a colonoscopy, but this review like the game, isn’t like anything I’ve done before.

I was really cynical about this game without even trying it, I am not a fan of downloadable titles, as a videogame geek I need something tangible to gaze my eyes upon, that stands proudly in my pile of shame just across from my porn stash. I also had absolutely no particular expectations or preconceived ideas what so ever about this title, and to be brutally honest if it's wasn't for my friend Jake's nagging, I wouldn't have even bought the game, so with that in mind lets start off;

You are immediately launched into an extremely vast deserted map, with no clue of where to go or what to do; you aren’t even given a backdrop to the story or even get to know the character. You are overwhelmed with the musical element of the game, and once you get the hang of it, you are completely immersed in the soothing sounds of the soundtrack. The design is minimalistic, yet intuitive; it plays with your senses like no other title in gaming history. You get absorbed into the world, baffled by what you see, but deep inside you know what you have to do and where you have to go, it’s like you are guided through the unknown by music alone.

The game is online enabled with strangers from around the world joining you in your quest and help you out at any given time, you have no means of communication, yet it’s like the game manages to make you get in touch with you primal instincts and find a way to get your message through somehow. The pacing is just perfect and gameplay mechanics (like all of the development team’s titles) are simple yet immersive. As the game progresses you manage to build a very strong bond with the protagonist of the game, I cannot explain how or why, because you don’t even know his name or anything about him, but this game manages to build a better character-player relationship than any Call of Duty or Battlefield title out there. The environments change smoothly and at times you lose yourself just looking at the amazing landscapes and be mesmerized by the sheer size and beauty of everything, and the all whilst in complete synch with the hypnotic sounds of the soundtrack.

If there was a video game hall of fame, this title would take the cake, it is a masterpiece from a dedicated group of artists who expressed their passion and talent on an unconventional canvas. I can understand now the meaning behind the title, it really is a spiritual Journey through the unknown, you’re a small part of something huge, something you just don’t understand, but just like life you always keep moving forward, beat the obstacles thrown at you, discover yourself, and you reach your goal.

Overall Rating: 10/10

Written By Matthew C.