Jibo: The Worlds first family robot

Many of us have dreamt of owning a robot, just like in the movies. The idea has always been out of reach, and deemed to be way too futuristic. But with the sudden surge of advanced commercial androids, it was about time we saw innovation in the household sector; and this is where Jibo comes in.

Jibo is the world’s first household robot, developed with the sole purpose to become an integral part of your family. Just before your imagination runs wild, Jibo is not a human sized bot like the ones in i-Robot, but rather a small and cute assistant, capable of cognitive interaction.

Jibo comes equipped with two high resolution cameras, capable of tracking movement, and recognizing faces. Thanks its processing unit, the camera will snap pictures and record videos upon voice command, or even automatically when the robot deems appropriate. Jibo also sports 360° omnidirectional microphones, which combined to the natural language processing unit, allow you to talk to Jibo from long distances, and he will be able to understand you and interact accordingly. 

Jibo will adapt to your family and their individual personalities, learning each and everyone’s’ patterns, to be able to pre-emptively adapt to their lives. This also means that Jibo’s communication will become more social, and emotive as time goes by. The robot will also be able to actively interact with children, helping them to learn with cool games, and always keeping them occupied in fun ways.

For the adults in the house, Jibo will be able to pair with your smartphone and email system, allowing you to make video calls over the net, set up reminders, buy stuff online, and also create calendar appointments.

Jibo is a down right fantastic Gadget, which I personally am looking forward to get my hands on. Some might argue that this is merely an extension of a smartphone’s functions, and I agree. But having a Gadget that is able to interact with you, learn your patterns, and keep your children occupied, is simply fantastic; a smartphone has no way of being better at this.

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