Irrational Games Shut Down

Creative director and co-founder Ken Levin announced that Irrational Games will be shutting down, with him and fifteen key members of the team founding a new development studio focusing on a new endeavor. Irrational Games are best known for their billion dollar franchise, Bioshock, with their latest work being the DLC expansions for Infinite.

In an open letter addressed to the fans, Levine mention Irrational’s growth from the humble beginnings till the team behind Infinite. He follows by explaining that he will be leading a smaller team with a linear structure with more direct contact with the core audience, focusing on narrative driven titles. This does not mean that the Bioshock series will seize to exist, as Levine also announced that 2K Studios will be taking over the series and expanding from were Irrational left off. Unfortunately the rest of the team has been laid off.

You can read the open letter by clicking here.