Iphone 5 unveiled

It's that time of the year, when Apple unveil their new iPhone and the world goes ballistic, and this time the new iPhone 5 was unveiled during a press release with a keynote speech by Tim Cook. The new iPhone will sport the new A6 processor alongside 1Gb of RAM which provides twice the graphical and computation speeds as the A5, and with the 4 inch retina display, the picture quality will be unmatched. The camera was left untouched, so the same photo and video capabilities found in the iPhone 4s will be present in the iPhone 5. The Wifi was tweaked and upgraded to a dual band system to improve wireless internet speeds, and the set will be the first iPhone to sport 4G LTE network compatibility, offering the best internet speeds available through network. The design is very similar, but the phone is much thinner and lighter than its predecessor even tough having a larger screen. The set will also have a smaller connection port which seems to be a risky move, but will eventually allow Apple to cash in on accessories. The iPhone 5 will launch in 16Gb, 32Gb, and 64Gb version in black or white and will be released this September the 21st.