Insomniac: The future of Resistance

Burbank based development Studio Insomniac have been the masterminds behind the leading exclusive titles for the Playstation line for quite some time now, and their leading blockbusters include Ratchet & Clank, Resistance, Spyro, and much more. But the creative minds at Insomniac had bigger plans and earlier this year announced that they will be breaking their bond with Sony to go multiplatform for the first time in their development career as a strategic expand their market. Insomniac were still releasing titles exclusively for the PS3 which are owned by Sony, but now they they have started work on their first multiplatform title 'Overstrike' they see little or no interest in continuing their work on the Resistance franchise. Bend studios have been behind Resistance PSP and Nihilistic are finishing their project for the Vita title, and Insomniac think that there are a lot of promising companies that can continue their work on their franchise so they can focus on larger multiplatform projects.