Infamous Second Son update Brings New Features

Ten days after the official launch of Sucker Punch’s Infamous spin off title, Second Son, the development team announced that they will be launching a new update aimed at bringing new features to the game. That’s right, the team has listened to the suggestions given by the core users of the game and decided to implement the following features with the new patch;

  • Time of Day customization: Once a user successfully completes the main story line of the game, a new setting in the menu will be unlocked, allowing the user to change the time of day.
  • Frame Rate Cap: At any point during the game play, the user can cap the game’s frame-rate to 30fps.
  • HUD on/off: Those of you who are snap happy, will be pleased to know that with the new update comes the option to hide or show the HUD, allowing you to take clean screenshots.

There is no official release date for this update, but Sucker Punch are pushing to release the patch in two weeks time.