Hitman Project Confirmed

Following the lack of news surrounding the future of the Hitman franchise, IO Interactive decided to write an open letter to the Hitman Fan community, explaining their plans for the Hitman franchise.

The development team confirmed that they currently have a AAA Hitman title in the works for the PC, and next-gen consoles, and also that the game will be true to the core Hitman fantasy. The game will be developed by amalgamating the good attributes from Hitman Absolution with the inspiration from past titles such as Contract and Bloodmoney. The game will be implemented with an open world level design, giving the user the liberty to best use the environments against the enemy AI, with a surreal level of detail given to every aspect of the environment. More details will be released in the coming weeks.

It looks like IO Interactive are back on track at creating a Hitman title true to its roots, which will be appreciated by Hitman fans out there.

Written By Matthew Cesareo.