Hand Gesture Sensor Revealed

As we approach the next generation of console gaming, the need for innovation and technological advances is looming over the horizon, and as the bringer of the first controller-less console, Microsoft seem to be under the spot light for the next big thing. The Kinect has indeed brought motion gaming to a whole new level, but even though it hasn't been a long time since it's launch to the public, the limitations of the peripheral seem to be holding back developers. Microsoft seem to be tackling these limitations, and they have revealed a new peripheral which is able to detect 3D hand gestures in detail. The prototype comes as a wrist-worn IR sensor and Laser line, which isn't connected to an external unit which bounds the user to a segregated space. The IR Laser Line sends out an invisible laser beam towards the user's hand, and the sensor in turn will be able to draw out the hand and track its every movement. This technology opens up a doorway to a whole new world of possibilities for implementation of this technology in both the entertainment and gaming industry. Microsoft research have been vague about what products will be using this peripheral, and discussed the implementation for TV sets, Video Game consoles, PCs, and also Smart phones. The prototype is still a long way from being released commercially, and it is still unclear what the limitations for the product are at this point in time. Might this product be a peak to what to expect from the next generation consoles?