Halo Waypoint App.

It seems like lately a lot of developers are making use of the smartphone and tablet platform in a bid to improve gaming experience. Following this trend is gaming giant Microsoft, who licensed the Halo Waypoint App., which has a cool premium feature call 'Atlas' which collects game statistics in real time as you play. The Halo Waypoint 'Atlas' feature is compatible with both Halo Reach and Halo Anniversary, and has the following features;

  • Re-Spawn and Health-pack locations
  • Real-time locations for weapons and vehicles
  • Pinpointing your location and your team mates on map
  • Real time tracking
  • Current player list, with all the statistics for the teams and each player, which is updated in real time

This all sounds amazingly cool, and WP7, Android, and iOs users can download this app as early as 10/12/11. The Atlas premium feature will cost an extra $4.99, but I'm sure hard core gamers will get the complete kit. If you'd like to see the detailed list of features of the app visit the Halo Waypoint blog.