Halo ‘The Reclaimer Trilogy’

343 Industries have been busy working around the clock to please the Halo fans out there, and at this year's Halo Fest they revealed some info and concept art which gave the fans something to look forward to. The upcoming trilogy being developed by 343 will be called The Reclaimer Trilogy and the first installment will hit the shelves some time next year. The storyline is still a mystery, and the staff are holding back any in-depth story line details and the teaser we saw wasn't of much help either, but this trilogy will explore Master Chief's character and personality (whilst not revealing any details from his origins). The creative designer behind the project has described the gameplay as being really close to it's predecessors even though they had the tweak it and evolve it to keep the game fresh and new, which sounds a bit risky but end of the day it had to be done. The next aspect discussed was the multiplayer system, which will try to strike a balance between the avid competitive fans and the casual gamers immersing themselves for the first time in the Halo universe. 343 Industries are also exploring the co-op system in the campaign mode and trying to create an immersive system to please everyone. The main focus of 343 was to revive Master Chief as a character, and to do so they are going to build the game around his personality trying to build a stronger relationship between the user and the character in a bid to create the perfect immersive experience to captivate casual gamers new to the franchise and also revive the love for the series of the hardcore Halo fans out there.