GTA V Online Detailed

The multiplayer mode for Grand Theft Auto V, titled Grand Theft Auto Online, is quite an ambitious project for the team, and ever since the last trailer showed earlier this year, fans around the globe have been longing to learn more about it and get their hands on it.

GTAO will offer the user the exploration of the world, alongside another 15 players. In the GTA world there will be several activities to join and a large number of cooperative missions to play through. GTAO will also allow users to generate their own content, to develop all sorts of co-op missions or death match events and races. Rockstar have confirmed that the GTAO platform will be constantly updated with new content that will help expand and evolve the world.

Although Grand Theft Auto V will hit the shelves this September the 17th, GTAO will launch on October the 1st. All retail copies of Grand Theft Auto V will include access to GTAO.