Grid: Autosport Announced

Codemasters have officially revealed their upcoming installment in their popular racing franchise, Grid, titled Autosport.

The development team behind the project have admitted the mistakes they made with it’s predecessor, which wasn’t received well by fans who felt that the game was too arcadey and missed key elements, including the cockpit view. The team promised that unlike Grid 2, Autosport will be more ‘authentic’, and will be bringing back the cockpit view and also the dashboard view.

Like the rest of the titles in the series you will have different racing styles available, including, endurance, street racing, and touring. Autosport will be bringing back the team-mates feature which allows you to control your team mate’s vehicle and take out opponents or defend your position. Tuning will still play a very important role in your career, and users will be able to customize and upgrade every aspect of the vehicle. The game spans on 22 different locations with around 100 different tracks.

Grid 2’s patch was the first step for the studio to make amends for their mistakes, and Autosport will hopefully take the series back to its roots, winning back the community’s support. Grid: Autosport will be racing to the shelves this June the 24th, and will be available for the PC, Playstation 3, and Xbox 360 platforms.