Google I/O 2014

Android television, home automation, connected cars, and smart watches; Google wants to be a part of your entire life. The theme of this year’s Google I/O conference is, Android everywhere.

During the I/O keynote, Google introduced the Android L platform (L stands for Life); that unites your life across your phone, living room, and much more.

The most important features, that the search giant has announced, are:


Smart TV with their native OS are extremely limited, but thanks to Google’s flagship OS, The Android, this problem is completely eliminated. Through Android TV, users can literally talk to their televisions (thanks to voice recognition), stream live television, play Android games on the big screen, and find content from Google Play, YouTube, and more. People can conduct searches on an Android TV-powered screen to find movies or TV shows, watch them and, receive information like cast members’ filmography, etc.

The company said:

“Android TV is an entertainment interface, not a computing platform. It’s all about finding and enjoying content with the least amount of friction, cinematic, fun, fluid, and fast. Android TV is Android, optimized for the living room consumption experience on a TV screen.”


2014 is all about the fitness apps and peripherals, and Google want to capitalize on this new market with Google Fit. This new platform is designed to allow your individual fitness applications, and devices sync together. It will provide a “unified view of a user’s activity,” company officials said. Users will be able to choose who their fitness data is shared with and also delete this information at any time. Google Fit will also allow developers to tap into other fitness trackers and monitors.


This platform is specifically designed for wearable devices like smart watches. David Singleton, director of Android said;

“the watch runs on Android Wear and can “act as your key in a multi-screen world”.

It can be connected to a person’s Android phone, and used to control some of the phone’s features wirelessly.


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