Google buying Twitch for $1 Billion

The popularity of game-streaming service, Twitch, has been growing exponentially lately, especially following the support from the Playstation 4 and Xbox One platforms.

This popularity, apparently, hasn’t gone unnoticed by the guys at Google, since it has been reported that the internet giant is about to fork out a whopping $1 Billion for Twitch’s acquisition. Sources within the industry have stated that even though negotiations were in early stages, both parties agreed on a deal. Having such a huge company behind Twitch, would be a huge blow for the competing services, aiming at providing game streaming services.

Both Google and Twitch have failed to comment about these reports, though we should expect an official press release in the coming days.

This acquisition is yet another testament, that the gaming industry has become the dominant industry in the entertainment market, with the likes of Google and Amazon jumping in trying to get their share.


Twitch is the leading service provider for game streaming, allowing users to stream game-play footage of their game sessions from their PC, Playstation 4, and Xbox One platforms.

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