God of War: Ghost of Sparta Review

I always loved the God of War franchise, ever since their early PS2 titles, it was something new, an unexplored area in gaming which glued me to the TV. When Chains of Olympus was released for the PSP not so long ago, I couldn't figure out how those visual characteristics and gameplay mechanics will work on the PSP, but to be brutally honest my experience and opinion changed. Never in a millon years would I expect the gameplay to be better on a handheld, but it simply was, i was hooked! That being said i had high hopes for Ghost of Sparta and it has a lot to live up to being the second PSP installment, but i have to say this genre keeps of being better off on the portable console to me.

Plot: Being a God of War title i cannot describe the plot without spoiling a bit of the story, in every title you to get to know a little more about Kratos, but i'll try not to spoil much. Ths title shoots us back to Kratos' origins, back to his childhood, were we discover what had happened to his long lost brother. Stories begin to unfold, and Kratos starts to put back together the pieces from his mortal past, and as he unravels his roots he also encounters characters that shaped up the Kratos we know.

Audio/Video: I am still puzzled by the visual 'badassary' of this game, i was impressed with Chains of Olympus, but this title takes visuals to a whole new level. I cannot beleive how they managed to harness the little power the PSP has to offer and give us such a high quality game. The audio quality matches the visuals, just put on some in-ear head phones and let the soothing sounds of necks breaking and limps being chopped off relax your mind.

Gameplay: There is no clear way to describe the gameplay mechanics of this game, it's just pure fun. It responds well and there is no better way a storyline like this can be expressed through gameplay. The puzzles and platforming sections within the game are entertaining as well and give you a break from all the slaying rendering it non repetitive. One of the best parts in the game which left me speechless, was a battle in Atlantis, when amidst a heavy boss battle, a previously defeated boss comes charging through a wall and you are left between two pissed off sky high monsters trying to get through them.

Personal Impact: This game is an example of the sheer power the PSP has to offer when professionals are behind the game. Going through the storyline you feel the passion the people behind the title have, and there isn't one single bit of the game that proves otherwise. For me this franchise is better off on the PSP, the only reason i picked the PSP up after such a long time, was just for this title. I cannot explain it, and it might just be me, but it fits so well and you can never get bored.

Overall Rating: 10/10

Written by Matthew C.