God of War 4

Even though the God of War Trilogy came to an end, it seem like Sony are not closing the door on one of their leading exclusive franchises. Last year we saw a Games Retailer list the game as a 2012 release, we also supposedly had a teaser picture baring the logo of the next God of War Chapter leak on the internet (which could have been done by a half decent designer), and PSM3 also wrote an article stating that the next installment for the God of War series will be released in late 2012 and will include an online co-op mode. This time though Timothy Williams, who is currently working on the DOTA 2 soundtrack, has listed the soundtrack for God of War 4 in his resume' as part of his experience. To be honest I never thought that the series would end there, it is one of the leading titles in the Sony family and this is the generation that is leaning to that genre of gaming, and it's a waste not to target this huge market.