First Call of Duty MW3 details

The highly anticipated new installment of the Call of Duty series has barely been teased by Activision, but allegedly the story might have been spoiled already by gaming blog Kotaku (Kotaku MW3 Article). The often controversial blog has apparently learned of the story from a highly reliable source and thus they are touting it as the true story behind Infinity Ward’s latest foray in the Call of Duty universe, but not without a disclaimer that the story might change before release.
*Spoilers Below*
Modern Warfare 3 is said to start off right where the players left off in the prequel, continuing the struggle with Russia. The player will be taken to several localities around the word, from Manhattan, to London, to Paris, and Dubai.
Fans of the series will no doubt be familiar with Modern Warfare’s story telling style which is a series of sequences littered with adrenaline pumping gunfights and the sequel is said to follow this same route. The multiplayer campaign will see huge improvements and surprises, with twenty playable maps to start with, new special ops modes, and new survival mode missions.
Being touted as the conclusive chapter to the Modern Warfare series the game will likely tie most loose ends which were left by the two prequels and hopefully bring a glorious conclusion to the saga.
*End Spoilers*
So far Activision has not denied nor confirmed anything regarding Kotaku’s massive scoop. We are all awaiting with baited breath for the official details to be revealed directly from Activision this coming E3 where the game will be fully revealed.
More in-depth details were revealed but we will not mention them not to spoil the story, but if you are interested you can visit Kotaku for the full story.

Images courtesy of Eurogamer and property of Activision.