Fifa 14 Revealed

EA have officially announced the next installment in the widely popular soccer franchise Fifa 14. The game is being developed by EA Canada and we have the first set of screenshots here below. The development team has been hard at work at tweaking the mechanics and the engine of the game to give the title a more realistic feel to it.

Perhaps the most important new features to the title are the pure shot and the new ball physics system which will transform the shooting mechanics completely and create a more immersive and realistic feeling when taking a shot. Whilst in possession of the ball you'll be able to protect the ball and muscle-out the opponent thanks to a new feature called Protect the ball creating a more immersive experience. Artificial inelegance has been tweaked making both the teammates and opponents smarter, which in turn creates better realism and more challenging situations. New dribble touches and turns have been added which allows you as a player to change direction at speed when in control of the ball and also dribble the ball in various new ways allowing you to preserve momentum and speed. Other changes and new additions were made to the career mode, and the ultimate team and we'll also be seeing a brand new online mode which encourages social competition. The game is set to hit all platforms this Fall and to learn more about the game simply click here.