FIFA 13 Screens and Info

A few weeks after Konami's PES announcement and trailer release, the team behind EA's flagship sports title FIFA 13, have release some screenshots and some information regarding the new implementation meant to improve the users' experience. The team has been hard at work at providing a better and more realistic experience, and amongst the several improvements done to the title, the following were deemed to me the most crucial at providing the ultimate feel to the game;

  • More realistic opposing AI: One of the most important improvement in this title is the implementation of a smarter attacking A.I., which will make ball control harder when the opposing team pressure the user.
  • New Tactical Free-kicks: the free-kick interface has been revamped, allowing the user to make use of several new features to have a better chance of scoring from the free-kick spot. One of the best features is having up to three players in front of the ball to confuse the defensive wall. If the user is on the receiving end of the free kick, he is now able to increase the number of players in the defensive walls, and also have a player sent out to bloc the ball as the free-kick is shot.
  • First touch control: More realistic ball control has been also added to this title making it harder to control passes. Strength, speed, and accuracy all effect the way the user controls a pass.
  • Dribbling: The dribbling system has been tweaked, with the previous dribbling by just changing direction not allowed any more, giving a harder task for the user to pass through the defensive line.
  • Player Impact: The Impact Engine, which as introduced in FIFA 12, has been tweaked, removing unrealistic player animations and adding new impact points at the hip and upper body.

The title is set for an October release for all the major platforms