Dynasty Warriors Next

The new title in the Dynasty Warriors series which has been announced earlier this year for the Vita platform, has an official name and a release date. Dynasty Warriors:Next, is set to be released on launch along side the Vita Console (22nd February) and packs some cools new features that harness each and every Vita attribute. The game combines both the traditional controls fans are used to, and the new features, including the front touch-screen, rear touch-pad, and motion sensor. The map is controlled using the touch screen to command subordinates, and when you touch one of the bases found on the map you capture it. The combat has been evolved to implement the motion sensor, and during combat the user can shake the Vita to produce powerful attacks. The system also focuses on cooperative gameplay with modes such as “The Conquest Mode” or the new ad-hoc co-op “Coalition Mode.” This title has at 65 standard playable characters, and The Edit Mode (which allows users to create their own character) will be re launched with this title.