Dr Who: The Eternity Clock Review

I have never watched Dr Who, nor was I interested in doing so, but with nothing much on the PSN, I decided to give The Eternity Clock a chance, and see what it had to offer to new comers to the franchise.

The story revolves around the Doctor and River traveling in time in a bid to save the earth from impending disaster, with guest appearances from the Daleks, Cybermen, Silurians and The Silence. The game is set in a 2.5D environment in which you travel like the platform titles from yesteryear, and you encounter several challenging puzzles along the way to reach your goal. The only item you have to solve puzzles and help you get through, is the sonic screw driver which allows you to unlock doors you encounter. There are several stealth levels which are superb, and give the user a break from puzzles and platforming, allowing the gameplay not to become too much repetitive. The mechanics have a retro feel to them, which I must admit were great, I really miss these types of games, and we definitely need some non shooter titles. The soundtrack is awesome, and so is the voice acting, and I fell in love with the visuals of the game which really bring an awesome atmosphere to this experience.

All in all this title really surprised me, it was a break from the macho shooter titles which have swarmed the market, and it was an extremely pleasant means of entertainment. The game doesn’t try to be an over the top title (with all the CG cut-scenes and other crap), it excels in all areas with the sole purpose to deliver good entertainment. The charm and feel of the game made me re-kindle with my youth, so much so that i decided to get my hands on the Dr Who series, to see if it manages to do the same, and it did.

Overall Rating: 9/10

Written by Matthew C.