Don Mattrick Stepping Down

Microsoft Interactive Entertainment President, Don Mattrick, will be resigning from his position, and shall be taking the role of CEO for the famed social game provider Zynga. Mattrick's resignation follows the reveal of the Xbox One, which was criticized by many after the announcement of the strict DRM policies which were to be implemented, but quickly pulled back after E3. Zynga is the famed developer of the popular Facebook title, Farmville, and has lately been in trouble due to the decline in popularity of it's titles. Having Mattrick lead the company might the key to regain the much needed success.

Mattrick has worked over 30 years in the Gaming Industry, starting off at the age of 17 by founding development studio, Distinctive software. He joined Microsoft in 2007, and his leadership skills during the Xbox 360 period are regarded as the reason for the success of the console. It is speculated that Electronic Arts approached Mattrick offering him the position of CEO since John Riccaruello resigned earlier this year leaving the company with no leadership.