Destiny Release Date

Bungie has posted on their website the release date for their upcoming game Destiny. We can expect Destiny on September 9 2014 on PS4, XboxOne, Playstation 3 and Xbox360. They had also announced previously that Beta testing will start sometime in summer 2014 and will come first to PS4.

If you are not aware, Bungie are the creators of the hit series Halo which debut on the XBOX and it was a huge success and they had followed it up with Halo 2 which redefined online multi-player gaming till this day. They also went on to release other versions of Halo and it ended for them with Halo 3 on the Xbox360. After Halo 3 Bungie had parted ways with Microsoft to become independent developers and signed a 10 year publishing deal with Activision.

Mark B