Dead Space 2 Review

After playing Dead Space quite late after it was released I got literally hooked and I couldnt wait for the sequel to be released. When dead space 2 came out i visited the first gaming store i could find and bought the limited edition. Bare in mind, this review contains traces of spoilers which might be hazrdous to the obsessed gamer's mental health.

Plot: Isaac Clarke is back, and this time he speaks!! After recovering from a coma he was put in at the ending of the first game in this series, the necromorphs start attacking again. Wow. That’s something I really wasn’t expecting. Clarke starts halucinating, mainly seeing the ghostly figure of his dead girlfriend, and befriends a psychopath. It couldn’t get any better for this humble engineer who happens to be a very good alien murderer. The engineers I know don’t even know how to handle a screwdriver, let alone kill an entire alien legion. But let’s face it; Isaac Clarke is for spaceships as Nathan drake is for the lost city of El Dorado.

Singleplayer: The prequel of this game had spot-on gameplay but it was too bloody slow moving. In Dead Space 2, this was fixed and in fact you will also encounter a couple of quick time events which will add to the suspense already created by the storyline itself. Isaac is still a bit slow but if you think about it, would you move fast if you were wearing a 25kg metal jumpsuit? So I think's it's a pretty acceptable speed but on the other hand I cant possibly give out any opinions of how it could be better.

Multiplayer: The thing I loved the most while playing the multiplayer mode was that you’re going to have to play both sides if you want to get the points. The video quality while playing doesn’t decrease like it does in many other games.

Audio & Video Quality: I realize that a game is going to be a good one from the first video. If it looks exactly as the in-game graphics it’s going to rock my world. This is what happened with dead Space 2. you wouldn’t even notice when there’s a cut-scene cause the visuals are completely the same. In my opinion that’s one of the things which will leave you stuck in front of your TV for hours.The audio in this game is as captivating as it was in the first Dead Space. Removing the audio, Dead Space 2 would just be a normal shooter. Add that again and in my opinion you’ll get one of the best Sci-Fi horror games ever created. I didn’t bother with reviewing the OST since I muted the music to be completely concentrated on what’s happening around me.

Personal Impact: During my first hour of playtime I said to myself ‘shit! This is 'Uncharted on space’ but I kept on playing and it turned out to be one of the best games I ever played. The only disappointment I had was hearing Isaac’s voice. He looked more badass when he didn’t speak at all

Overall Rating: 9/10

By Benjamin P