Darksiders 2 New Info

As we get closer and closer to the release of Darksiders 2, the development team behind the project deemed it necessary to detail some of the features and improvements in this upcoming blockbuster. These improvements are as follows;

  • The game will be set a fantasy universe created by comic book artist Joe Madueira following the same game play mechanics as the sequel and set parallel to its storyline far from Earth and War.
  • The visuals are far more defined and detailed and the environments are much larger in scale when compared to the first installment. There are four main environments in the game, and each one is larger in scale than all the environments of the first installments put together.
  • All cinematics are rendered in game, removing the need for all the compressed FMVs found in Darksiders 1. It has also been confirmed that the game will have no screen tearing, regardless the version.
  • The upgraded engine allows the user to have more configurable options and allows much more to be displayed on screen at any given time.
  • The combat system has been tweaked allowing better movements for the character and faster attacks.
  • There is over 25 hours worth of main story gameplay including side-quests.
  • There has been massive improvements to the character’s customizability and inventory.
  • There will be no multiplayer or co-op modes in this title.
  • The player has now also a quick travel feature which will allow the character to teleport to any location that was previously visited.
  • The Xbox 360 version of the game will be on a single disc.
  • The title supports SteamWorks
  • And all preorders will get a free side-quest DLC called “Argul's Tomb”.

The game will be available this August the 14th on PC, PS3, and Xbox 360 in North America, followed by a EU release on the 21st.