Broken Age Announced by Double Fine

Roughly around this time last year, Double Fine started a Kickstarter fundraiser in a bid to develop a point and click adventure game. In just one month they managed to raise over 3.3 Million Dollars, and part of this budget has been allotted to create a documentary recording the making of the title. Little was revealed about this adventure title, but during this year's Pax conferences, Double Fine officially unveiled the game and it is titled Broken Age. Broken Age will be revolving around the lives of a female and a male protagonist, leading separate lives in separate places. The female protagonists is on the way to being sacrificed to a monster by her local villagers, but she won't stand for it and fights back to save her own life. The male protagonist on the other hand is secluded in a space ship under the care of virtual mother figure created by the on board computer, but he longs for a free life and longs for adventure. Double fine unveiled some cool new art for the game and also launched the official website of the title which allows users to pre order the game for just $15.