Bose Companion 5: The Review

I’m going to start off this review by admitting my addiction to AV products. When it comes to speakers I am downright a hard to satisfy person. My main goal this week was to find the ultimate PC Gaming audio experience to satisfy the hardcore gamers out there, and boy, did I find it!

PC gamers are generally space restricted, and common cumbersome 5.1 surround systems are not ideal for the perfect setup. Bose understands this market, and they created the ideal solution for every PC gamer’s needs, The Bose Companion 5. Bose directly eliminated the clutter of regular surround systems using only two tiny speakers which pack the punch of 5 isolated surround speakers by using the latest in virtual surround technology. The system connects through USB digital connection (eliminating all noise and Auxiliary analogue limitations) and also has an external control pad with an AUX output for headphones and input to connect any external source such as Smartphones or MP3 players. The clever multichannel sound surround speakers are directly connected to a hide-away Acoustimass module, and anyone familiar with Bose products knows that when they brand a product with the Acoustimass logo, it will shake the neighbourhood with its amazing depth of the low frequency notes. The Acoustimass module sports the new TrueSpace digital surround processor, responsible for the amazingly clever virtual surround which has nothing to do with all the regular cheap knockoffs claiming to sport the technology.

Before testing this system I wasn’t too hyped up about it and was reluctant in believing those tiny speakers can reproduce the sound of a full fledged surround sound system, but I changed my mind and was rendered speechless after just one minute of audio badassary. The sound quality is ridiculously clear, and even at my ear’s limit the system didn’t flinch or hiss, it’s like it has no limitations. During an FPS game you feel like you are in the middle of the battlefield with bullets flying from behind you and explosions going off all around. I never experienced such surreal sound from a virtual system and I can find no match for this giant.

This is the proper virtual surround and no one will match the quality and low frequency depth, this is the ultimate PC gamer’s sound system that will open a whole new world of entertainment.

Full specifications and price can be found here.

Overall Rating: 10/10

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Written by Matthew C.