Bose Cinemate 1SR

After taking a look at the Bose VideoWave system back last year, it seems like Bose have heavily invested in the research and development of virtual surround systems in a bid to create the ultimate sleek cinema solution, without sacrificing quality.

The latest product from Bose catering for this market is the Cinemate 1Sr, which at first glance look like a regular virtual surround system other brands have. The Subwoofer was unusually small and tidy, unlike all the previous woofer models Bose released to accompany their systems. To be honest when I first saw the system I didn’t think much of it, it lacked that Bose wow factor, and the room in which I was testing it had a lot of furniture and other devices which has always been a nightmare for virtual surround processors, BUT (and this is a huge but), once again Bose did it again.

The surround quality is clean and pristine, with crisp high notes and perfect sound placement, just as if there are physical speakers. I kept looking over my shoulder to try and understand how it works, and as the demo progressed I could hear different levels of sounds from unreachable places, leaving me astaunded. The subwoofer was a surprise also, the little thing packed a punch, I could feel the low frequency notes in my guts, and even if the volume was low, the bass frequency remained stable. The module features both the PhaseGuide™ system and TrueSpace technology, which work together in targeting and delivering the different sound waves around the room. To better manage the variations in the room, like the VideoWave system, the system sports the ADAPTiQ calibration system, which helps the PhaseGuide system take into consideration the variations in the room to properly target the sound eliminating distortion. The system also manages to compensate for the position the module has been placed (flat on a table, or hung on the wall), catering in the fluctuations in frequency.

Also in the list of features is the SmartSource system which continuously monitors the connections and signals connected to the module and automatically selects the best audio quality signal. Another feature introduced by the VideoWave system is the awesome remote control which has a vast array of device codes and can pair with virtually any AV device connected to the system, eliminating the need of having piles of remotes in your room. Setting up the system is simple really, and the fact that the subwoofer is small and wireless you can place it anywhere you like, getting rid of the untidy wires. With the features this system boasts and new possibilities it offers, I really think this product is in a class of its own.

This system is a marvel really, and each Bose product I review I am left amazed at how fast development in technology is advancing, giving us new possibilities to improve entertainment. The price tag might look hefty, but it matches the average price tags on standard Bose products, and in my opinion this system delivers a whole new level of home cinema experience, without spoiling interior design.

Overall Rating: 9.5/10

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