Audio Only title Deep Sea launched

The indie scene grew a lot in the past years thanks to this generation of gaming consoles and fundraising means such as Kkickstarter, which helped creative minds fund their projects. With such a large spectrum of creative people managing to get their creations out there, it wasn't long till we saw a concept that is out of this world. What Robin Arnott did, was create a game that focuses on sensory depravation, and can basically only be played by hearing. Imagine playing the game with a blacked gas mask on, relying only on sound. Deep Sea will drop you in the ocean, where you're chased by a creature, and equipped only with a gun. All you can here are eerie noises, the creature, and your own breathing. To play the game you'll need a blacked out gas mask, a joystick, headphones, microphones, and a MAC. Arnott was kind enough to release the files and instructions required to get Deep Sea up and running. This game was released in a bid for Arnott to get funding for another upcoming sound driven title Soundself which you can try out and pledge for on Kickstarter by clicking here.

Deep Sea (v 2.0 Audio) from Robin Arnott on Vimeo.