Assassin’s Creed Movie

With the growing trend of adapting video games to the big screen, the next in line to receive a big screen adaptation, is the Assassin's Creed Franchise, an although the project in still in the talks, the lead role has already been filled. Ubisoft Motion Picture have been in the talks with Sony to produce the movie series, but they put on hold their agreements, and since then Ubisoft decided to start the ball rolling independently. The lead role was given to Michael Fassbender who will also co-produce the movie, he has starred in several movies including X-men: First Class. The plot will revolve around a young man who discovered his long line of Assassin ancestors after he is kidnapped by a secret organization seeking to send him back in time to retrieve historical artifacts. Ubisoft is set to launch a Raving Rabbids series on Nickelodeon later this year, and will also be starting work on both Splinter Cell and Ghost Recon movie adaptations.