Apple Launch new iPad

During yesterday's press launch, Apple, introduced the third generation model in the iPad series. The major improvements in the system are not game changers, but rather focus on the screen resolution and graphical performance. The display is a pristine quality retina display with a resolution of 2048 x 1536 pixels on a 9.7inch panel. The camera sensor has been replaced with the new iSight 5MP camera sensor which can capture stunning 1080p videos and photos. The tablet sports the new quad core A5X chip, which handles more computations at a faster response time and also quad core visuals and games to best use the retina display. Another new feature added to this tablet is the support of 4g LTE networks which will allow users to use a better network for faster internet performance. Voice dictation has also been added to the device allowing users to by pass the keyboard and use the microphone instead. The new iPad is set to launch this March 16th in the leading regions and will be available in the following models at these prices;

Wifi Only models:

  • 16GB for $499/